Monday, 27 October 2008

Numero Uno!

Wow. Blogging eh? 
It's taken me a while to succomb to this (it being yet another virtual distraction from a Real Life Beyond the Keyboard), but then i figure, hell, it's probably 'good' for me; all this perfect white
 s  p  a  c  e   to empty my head onto... 

yup. feels good already!

just so you know what to expect from future musings: I'm a music obsessive (as most bloggers seem to be nowadays.. i guess Music got Trendy again?) my thoughts play out to a continuous soundtrack; i scour for and devour new sounds -from magazines, music tv, showcase gigs, specialist radio shows and our dear old friend the internet- and I have an irritating habit of trumpeting New Musical Discoveries from the virtual rooftop until people respond. it comes from being an indie DJ, which i was for about 6 years (and occasionally still dabble in now). so most of these blogs will probly be about that - y'know, what i'm listening to, gigs i've seen, what i'm writing/working on. OH yes, thats another thing, i'm a budding singer-songwriter, too (as most bloggers seem to be fact, as most everyone seems to be nowadays...i guess Making Music got trendy about the same time as Discovering Other People's Music did. and of course, Garage Band was invented. which helped, a lot.)

now would seem the time to Trumpet some marvlus music, so here y'go.. i was asking a friend today if he'd heard Nitin Sawhney's latest album, London Undersound, which i won't go into now but is bluddy brilliant and features guest spots from amazing bods like Imogen Heap, Paul McCartney and Natty; in talking about this latest endeavour of Nitin's, we also got to talking about one of his earliest projects - the album 'Prophesy' - which features the following stunning piece of music.. it made my day that little bit warmer & rosier, being reminded of this, so i hope it does the same to you:

*cue big, deep, satisfied-exhalation* that's like audio-yoga, that song! glorious.

hmmm...i should also tell you that i work for a management group/record label. we look after Corinne Bailey Rae and Back Door Slam, among others. i'm not sure what the rules and regs are when it comes to blogging - and to be honest, it would astonish me if anyone read this apart from me anyway - but there may be times i'll be wantin to dip in and out of  workday events n hapnins; this doesn't mean i'll be airing any dirty laundry here, or be speaking about the personal lives of our artists, but still, it should be fun :) 

ok, i'll sign off this 'Introductory Post' with a lidl piccy of yours truly (which has actually just deposited itself at the very top of this blog, so you'll have seen it already). i find this photo to be both hilarious and beautiful at the same time - it was taken by an extremely talented photographer friend of mine, as part of his Studio Test session; superb photo, but my catalogue-styled-overposing don't half make me chuckle! still, does the job eh? and i got to wear a hat.. which is another thing about me - i have a LOT of hats. guess they keep the headspace warm.
ciao for now!